Application of RFID handheld terminal in traffic police patrol

With the rapid development of social economy, the number of motor vehicles in the city is increasing rapidly, and the urban traffic management is becoming more and more complicated. In addition to checking and patrolling the information of drivers and vehicles, the traffic police also have to face more and more complex traffic conditions. Traditional manual judgment processing is prone to errors and inefficiencies, which cannot meet the needs of current traffic management work. In this case, more modern management methods are  required.


Disadvantages of traditional traffic police patrol
1. When verifying the driver and vehicle information, the method of manual identification and judgment is prone to errors, and it is difficult to effectively distinguish the authenticity of the relevant documents;
2. The suspect and the suspect vehicle cannot be effectively checked and verified, and hidden illegal acts cannot be discovered in time;
3. Manual inspection takes a long time, the workload is heavy, and the processing efficiency of illegal vehicles is low;
4. It is impossible to assess the correctness of traffic police law enforcement;
5. The synchronization of inspection and law enforcement information with the headquarters is slow, and the phenomenon of lag and omission of illegal data occurs from time to time, and there is a lack of data support for the optimization of human and material resources.

uhf RFID handheld reader for traffic police patrol

The handheld traffic violation penalty terminal system introduces UHF RFID technology into the existing traffic management. When the traffic police find a suspicious vehicle, they stop the vehicle with gestures, and the traffic police use a RFID hand held reader to check the vehicle and ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Specific application details:

Information verification: The traffic police use the RFID mobile terminal to scan the information on the driver’s license, obtain the driver’s personal information, and quickly verify the driver’s identity information by comparing it with the driver’s fingerprint; Obtain vehicle data and related information recorded by other systems, and perform accurate identity verification on drivers and vehicles.

Fixed-point patrols: When the traffic police patrol, they only need to carry UHF handheld terminals to realize mobile law enforcement, real-time and efficient statistics of various inspection information, accurate records of inspection and law enforcement results, real-time input and upload of patrol information to the management system, so as to obtain more Standardized and scientific management effect.

Violation penalties: Through the application of RFID handheld terminals, the traffic police can investigate and punish illegal vehicles anytime, anywhere, and print tickets on the spot for punishment, and the system automatically uploads the violation records to the illegal system.

Post time: Jun-23-2022