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Rugged mobile computers,RFID readers,Antennas, tags, solutions provider. In the future, Handheld-Wireless continue to pursue technological innovation, uphold the corporate philosophy of win-win cooperation, and is committed to providing high-quality hareware terminal equipment for industry mobile application service providers and actively promoting the development of the loT industry.

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Found in 2010,  Shenzhen Handheld-Wireless Technology Co.,Ltd., is a professional provider of products and solutions of RFID, barcode and biometrics technologies. We always committed to focusing on self-designing, developing and production of handheld terminal equipment,and our products was widely used in enterprise intelligent data acquisition and management of various industries, awarded as national-level high-tech enterprise with 400 staff members,ISO9001certificated and all products passed CE and FCC certification. And headquartered in Shenzhen, over 50 offices with technical team for offering better service, separately located in Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xi’an, etc.


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RFID attendance monitoring solution on mine industry

RFID attendance monitoring solution on mine industry

Due to the particularity of mine production, it is generally difficult to grasp the dynamic distribution and operation of the personnel underground in a timely manner. Once an accident occurs, there is a lack of reliable information for the rescue of underground personnel, and the efficiency of...

How to distinguish and select barcode and RFID device?

How to distinguish and select barcode and RFID device?

RFID and barcodes are both data-carrying technologies that store product information on labels, but they are different. So how to distinguish and choose these two kinds of labels and scanning equipment? First of all, what is the difference between RFID and barcode? 1. Different functions Barcode...

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