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Biometric Reader PDAS

  • Biometrics Reader BX6200

    Biometrics Reader BX6200

    Handheld-Wireless BX6200 is a Android Biometrics Reader PDA  with high extensibility, equipped with android 10 OS, powerful Octa-core processor and wireless connections such as 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, support PSAM secure data encryption,barcoding, UHF/NFC/HF/LF RFID and camera,which fully satisfy your different industrial needs.

  • Fingerprint Reader C5000

    Fingerprint Reader C5000

    Handheld-Wireless C5000 is an industrial-grade fingerprint handheld terminal with android7.0 OS quad-core processor, 5.0 inch touch screen,Industrial&humanized keypad design.It supports 1D&2D barcode scanning and RFID reading for different data collection,which help users quickly achieve informatization management and improve operational efficiency,suitable for logistics, retail, warehousing, healthcare, parking charge, government projects etc.

  • Fingerprint Scanner C6200

    Fingerprint Scanner C6200

    Handheld-Wireless C6200 is an Rugged Android handheld terminal,features Android 10/13 OS and Cortex A73 2.0GHz octa-core CPU, 5.5″ high-definition touch screen,13MP cameras, comprehensive data capture options includes fingerprint recognition,built-in UHF RFID, barcode scanning, 125K/134.2K RFID, NFC, PSAM etc.which are which are widely used in security, national defense,livestock,logistics, power, warehousing etc.