RFID positioning identification system solution on apartments for the elderly

Nursing homes and apartments for the elderly are important places for the activities and life of the elderly. Due to the large number of elderly people, and the body of elderly is more or less inconvenient and prone to accidents. The RFID positioning and identification solution can effectively solve the safety problem of the elderly.

System solutions
System composition: RFID tag + RFID reader + software system + background monitoring system

Place fixed readers at the door of each room, the exit of each floor,  and the door of the apartment to identify the wristband tag worn by each elderly person. With the help of terminal monitoring background or  PDAs that management Staff members carry with,so they can keep track of the physical location and other information of the elderly at any time. In this way, 24-hour real-time status monitoring of the elderly and administrators can be realized to ensure the safety of the elderly.

the staff offers every elderly with battery-powered RFID wristband tags, each tag records the corresponding senior’s basic information, health status, medical history, and family contact information. And place the identification tag device on the door of each room and the exit of each floor, as well as the door of each building and the door of the apartment, and transmit the positioning data to the location software, the physical location of the person can be displayed graphically in the control software on the interface.

The system adopts the RFID smart electronic tag of the elderly positioning system, and the working frequency is 2.4GHz, which will not interfere with other equipment such as medical treatment. The size is about 4*7cm and the thickness is less than 2mm, it can be made into wristbands, badges and other forms. Put electronic tags on the person who need to be tracked and monitored to keep track of their instant information. The real-time location, status and other information of the elderly can be monitored through the local area network and then read in the control software. Apartment managers can learn the real-time location and status information of the elderly through simple mouse operations, so that they can quickly find them and offer help or implement the corresponding medical procedures if need.


Handheld-Wireless has been committed to the research and development of RFID equipment for many years, and can provide passive RFID/active RFID radio frequency identification tags and readers according to customer needs, and provide customized software services, which can support monitoring, precise positioning, asking for help, tracing the route of activities, etc., effectively solve the safety problems of the elderly in the community or care institutions

Post time: Aug-29-2022