RFID cold chain transportation intelligent solution

The rapid rise of the retail industry has greatly promoted the pace of the transportation industry, especially in cold chain transportation. RFID cold chain transportation management system effectively solves many problems in cold chain transportation. More and more food and items in our lives are inseparable from the cold chain. Vegetables, fruits, meat products, aquatic products, etc. all need cold chain transportation.


RFID technology, mobile communication technology, temperature sensor technology, and database technology jointly create a cold chain logistics, temperature monitoring of items, positioning of transport vehicles, real logistics visualization, fast tracking of items, and supervision. Each item is put into a wireless temperature sensor, and each item is installed with an RFID electronic tag, and the handheld terminal is used to read the item information, also include the license plate number of each transport vehicle, the transport unit, and the RFID monitoring overweight inspection, etc., When the cold chain transport vehicle arrives at the designated location, the transportation and distribution information is verified through RFID information collection technology, and the transportation information is transmitted to the cloud service platform through the network.

In the process of cold chain transportation management, precise temperature management, intelligent control, traceability and recall can be realized, and the deployment of the system is convenient and simple, and a wireless temperature and humidity collection system can be easily established without modification of existing vehicles,easy to promote and use.

● Accurate temperature management: use temperature and humidity automatic collection and monitoring methods to intelligently process information and realize intelligent control of the material storage environment. At the same time, the use of timing temperature and humidity collection, radio frequency wireless transmission , combined with intelligent alarm means, automatically alarms the high and low limits of temperature and humidity, and realizes the fine management of temperature and humidity.

● Intelligent control of the transportation process: an open positioning monitoring platform combined with GPS/temperature detection technology, electronic map and wireless transmission technology can realize effective tracking and positioning management of refrigerated vehicle resources, and integrate positioning information with business resources of the enterprise .

● Traceability and recall management, complete and reliable: establish a product circulation tracking system, recall and destroy products with quality problems, record relevant information, generate various reports, and automatically query products with quality defects through label traceability, etc.

Implementation benefits of RFID cold chain transportation system

● The satellite positioning of logistics vehicles provides supervision and protection for the management of goods and vehicles;

● Real-time monitoring of transportation environment temperature to ensure product quality during transportation;

● The information tracking management from the warehouse to the terminal market realizes the traceability management of goods and improves the reputation of the enterprise;

● Realized logistics visualization and integration.

The information read by the RFID handheld is transmitted to the cold chain monitoring system, and the monitoring equipment is installed on the transport vehicle. The monitoring equipment is composed of the RFID handheld, GPS positioning system, and wireless data transmission. When the RFID cold chain transportation management system is established, every transportation management personnel are equipped with RFID handheld terminals, which can view the distribution information of the items, ensuring the business standard management of cold chain transportation, thereby improving the quality of cold chain transportation logistics.

Post time: May-31-2023