Where are NFC handheld terminal devices mainly used?

NFC is actually what we usually call near-field wireless communication technology. This technology allows two NFC-enabled devices to perform contactless data transmission and exchange data under the conditions allowed by the protocol. (Within distance of ten centimeters, the operating frequency is 13.56MHz)

The NFC function is very common in daily life, such as the transportation card swiped when taking public transportation, the meal card swiping in the canteen, and the access control card when entering the community. The NFC function has brought a lot of convenience to our life. Today, smart handheld terminal devices are also can be equipped with NFC function, so what scenarios can the NFC function of smart handheld terminal be applied to?

NFC Smart Handheld Terminal

1. Read ID card: Smart data collectors that support NFC reading and writing are generally able to support ID card reading,which is mainly used to verify the ID card information of personnel in public places or some large pubilc activites

2. Employee card registration: The reading and writing function of NFC is mainly used in the field of construction sites. Entering the construction site requires attendance, and returning to the staff dormitory also requires punching cards. The operator can read the employee card by holding the NFC handheld card reader, obtain the employee’s personal information, and record the attendance status in time.

3. Transportation card: When we take the bus daily, there are a fixed self-service card swiping machine on the bus or the conductor holds a mobile handheld device to charge passengers for public transport by swiping the bus card.

4. Social security card: NFC smart handheld terminals can also read social security cards. it can be used in social security halls and outpatient hospitals etc.

5. Transfer files: NFC-enabled handhelds or electronic devices can transfer files to each other, turn on the NFC function, select the file to be transferred, and touch the two mobile phones to transfer information, photos, phonebooks, and videos etc. Compared to Bluetooth, NFC does not need pairing and connection, just touch it directly, and it is very convenient to transfer files.

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Post time: Jul-08-2022