What is medical handheld PDA?

Medical handheld PDA, is also called as RFID medical  data collector, is a handheld data collection, storage, and transmission device specially designed for medical performance management, mobile medical care, and mobile ward rounds.
The handheld PDA is small in size and easy to carry. And it is  equipped with operating system and wireless communication function, it can be connected to the hospital information system database through a wireless local area network. With laser scanning module, it can scan barcodes, collect patient, drug, and material information, store and query relevant information, and can accurately identify people. Which help optimize the information access process to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data, and improve the work efficiency of various departments.

To realize the clinical use of medical PDA, first the hospital need to establish a wireless network in the ward, install a wireless AP in the ward, the medical PDA becomes a client of the HIS system through the wireless AP, and the client software is installed on the medical PDA. Through this software, the process information operated by nurse, patient ID and other information are received.


Applying the intelligent PDA equipment and RFID electronic tags to clinical care can realize intelligent work and bring remarkable results to hospital management.

1. Registration,diagnosis and execution of doctor’s orders: The medical staff gives the patient a unique identification code tag, scans and enters and checks the patient’s information through the PDA handheld terminal, understands the patient’s past medical records, and further enters more medical information after the diagnosis to improve the patient’s medical records. When executing the doctor’s order, first scan the wristband label and barcode infusion card through the PDA to check the patient’s information to avoid unnecessary errors.
2. Track the medical service process: strengthen the cooperation between doctors and nurses. The doctor’s order prompt tone and SMS function of medical PDA provide a scientific and effective guarantee for the busy clinical nursing work, and reduce the information transmission errors in the medical and nursing language communication. At the same time, responsible nurses can provide patients with various treatment and nursing information in a timely and effective manner, which is conducive to the establishment of a good nurse-patient relationship and fully arouses the enthusiasm of nurses.
3. Performance management: Through the digital management of mobile devices such as PDA handheld terminals, the hospital can also conduct real-time quantitative assessment of personnel workload while effectively monitoring the progress of various work, and then conduct scientific and effective performance management.


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Post time: Jun-28-2022