Smart handheld PDA makes railway maintenance and management more efficient

The need for economic development drives the development of rail transportation such as ordinary railways, high-speed rails,  light rails, and subways. At the same time, rail transportation carries a huge flow of people and goods, and is an inexhaustible driving force for economic take-off. Since most modern rail transit equipment has the characteristics of complexity and automation, which requires very high requirements for rail transit equipment and passengers service management, and intelligent railway PDA can assist in the rail transit work include patrol, freight checking, warehouse management, ticket checking, meal ordering, equipment management, epidemic prevention and other work.

mobile data terminal for railway service management

Application of intelligent handheld PDA in intelligent operation and maintenance of rail transit:

1. Spot inspection (patrol) operation: Spot inspectors use intelligent inspection PDAs to perform spot inspection tasks in accordance with standardized operating procedures, and spot inspection results are upload through device cameras, WiFi, and 4G

2. Ticket verification: Using the NFC and barcode recognition technology of the smart PDA to verify the ticket information, and when the number of ticket in automatic verification systems is insufficient or the system fails, through data exchange with the background, the ticket replenishment and verifiaction process can be completed.

3. Goods sales & food ordering: During the process of goods sales and food ordering on the train, the salesperson can use the PDA handheld device to conduct on-site inquiry, billing, charging and other operations on the goods.

4. Management of tools and consumables:  attach RFID labels (or barcodes) to the tools, and use RFID handheld PDAs to carry out inventory, borrow, return to ensure safe management of tool consumables during use.

5. Temperature measurement and epidemic prevention: The railway or  high-speed rail transportation is densely populated and moves frequently, and epidemic prevention and control is particularly important. Using the temperature measurement and identification system of intelligent PDA can realize the personnel information identification, body temperature data collection, body temperature information upload, closed-loop traceability management,report management and other functions.

Handheld-Wireless mobile terminal devices can integrate NFC identification, barcode identification, RFID reading, temperature measurement and itinerary information collection systems to help high-speed trains and railways achieve integrated management of various businesses, greatly improving rail transit maintenance and management efficiency , to improve service levels.

Post time: Aug-16-2022