RFID technology combines drones,how does it work?

In recent years, with the increasing application of RFID technology in life, some technology companies have combined drones and RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to reduce costs and strengthen supply chain management. UAV to achieve RFID collection of information in harsh environments and improve the intelligence of UAVs. At present, Amazon, SF Express, etc. are all doing tests. In addition to delivery, drones play a role in many aspects.

The study found that drones using RFID readers could read tags attached to steel drills or utility pipes with 95 to 100 percent accuracy. Oilfields often need to store thousands of pipe fittings (steel pipes used for drilling operations) that are stored in different areas of the oilfield, so inventory management is a very time-consuming task. Using RFID technology, when the RFID reader is within the range of the electronic tag Induction, it can be read.

But in a large storage site, it is impractical to deploy fixed readers, and regular reading with RFID handheld readers is time-consuming. By attaching RFID electronic tags to dozens of pipe caps or pipe insulators, UHF reader-attached drones can typically read passive UHF RFID tags at a distance of about 12 feet. This solution not only solves the errors that are prone to occur in manual management, but also greatly improves the efficiency of work.

There are part of warehouse inventory work can be done by drones equipped with RFID readers. For example, when the goods are placed on high shelves, it is more convenient to use the drone to count the goods, or in some hot or dangerous spaces, it is also safer to use the drone to complete the operation. A UHF RFID reader is installed on the drone, and then the drone can accurately read the RFID tag from a distance of tens of meters. For narrow spaces, a small drone can be used, and the drone is equipped with a tiny repeater that amplifies the signal and accepts the signal sent from a remote RFID reader, and then reads a nearby RFID electronic tag information. This eliminates the need for additional RFID readers and avoids the risk of drone crashes.

The drone + RFID solution combines the flexibility of drone space flight with the advantages of RFID without contact, penetrability, fast batch transmission, etc., breaking the shackles of height and piece-by-piece scanning, more flexible and efficient, not only applied to warehouse, It is also widely used in industries such as power inspection, public safety, emergency rescue, retail, cold chain, food, medical and other fields. It is foreseeable that the strong combination of UAV and RFID technology will better meet the needs of diversified market applications and create new application models.

Post time: Nov-18-2022