RFID oilfield inspection solution


In order to ensure the safe production of oil and gas wells, enterprises need to conduct regular and fixed-point patrol inspections, and timely discover and deal with the potential problems existing in the safe production of gas wells. However, the traditional manual inspection is prone to the negligence of inspection, such as missed, or not punctual. After all, there is nothing to monitor the whole process. At the same time, it is relatively easy to make mistakes when manually filling in the inspection results, and the labor efficiency is relatively low. In this way, it is difficult for administor to timely, accurately and comprehensively understand some conditions of the equipment in the oil field ,and timely maintain and keep the equipment.

Oilfield UHF RFID inspection terminal device can solve these problems very well,which can realize many functions such as the standardization of daily inspection, the standardization of data records, the quantitative management of operation performance, and the query of accident responsibility. Then it can greatly improve the inspection speed and comprehensive management level, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Paperless operation: Completed the paperless inspection operation.
2. Customization of inspection roads: Inspection tasks can be flexibly set in the background system, equipments and inspection points can be added or deleted at any time, and the order of inspections can be changed. When emergencies occur, they can be timely to adjust the inspection order or add inspection checks.
3. Powerful leak prevention function: In the system, once the inspection task is set, if there is a missed inspection during the inspection, the handheld inspection PDA will promptly alert the inspectors and managers, and then deal with them thoroughly. It solves the problem of missed inspection that occurs from time to time during the inspection process.
4. Accurate inspection and positioning: RFID (electronic tags) can be used to monitor the inspection roads of inspectors, and prevent the occurrence of insufficient inspections.
5. Fast data collection: Considering the fact that the inspectors have a lot of content and a large amount of work each time they inspect, on the inspection terminal, the information collection operation is very simple. which can scan and upload to background system automatically,improve the work efficiency.

Handheld-wireless RFID intelligent handheld terminal has the functions of GPS and Beidou positioning, which can set the inspection route in advance, and then the system automatically optimizes the best route according to the actual situation of our inspection. At the same time, the inspection dynamic can be uploaded to the background system synchronously. At the same time, it can support RFID electronic label scanning, record and update data at any time, and the collected data can be sent back to the inspection database server through 3G/4G or WI-FI wireless network and wired mode, so as to provide maintenance services. At the same time, it also formulates inspection tasks, displays inspection information and status in real time, summarizes statistical daily reports and chart analysis, etc., and realizes the seamless connection of the comprehensive oilfield management platform.

Post time: Sep-15-2022