RFID Intelligent Parking Management System

Due to the progress and development of society, the development of urban traffic and the changes in people’s lifestyles, more and more people travel by cars. At the same time, the problem of parking fee management needs to be solved urgently. The system came into being to realize automatic vehicle identification and information management. And it can count vehicle entry and exit data, which is convenient for managers to schedule and effectively prevent charging loopholes.

(1) Introduction

RFID intelligent parking management system can be used to manage large area parking lots in communities, enterprises and institutions etc. By dividing the area and adding readers at the entrances and exits of each area, it is possible to realize unmanned automatic management of the entire area. It is also possible to carry out portable reader-writers by security guards to collect statistical data through patrolling.

The RFID intelligent parking management system mainly includes two parts, one part is a reader, which can be installed above the vehicle entrance and exit; the other part is an electronic tag, each parking user is equipped with a registered RFID electronic tag, which can be installed Appropriately located inside the vehicle’s windshield, this tag contains the identification code.

When the vehicle arrives at 6m~8m from the entrance of the community, the RFID reader detects the presence of the vehicle, verifies the electronic tag ID of the approaching vehicle, and the ID is loaded and sent to the reader in the form of microwaves. The information library in the reader presets the ID code of the owner’s RFID electronic tag. If the reader can determine that the tag belongs to the parking lot, the brakes will be opened quickly and automatically, and the vehicle can pass without stopping.

(2) System composition

The RFID intelligent parking lot management system consists of RFID tags attached to the car body, transceiver antennas at the entrance and exit of the garage, readers, cameras controlled by the readers, background management platform and internal communication network.

The management system consists of the following equipment.

① Central control room equipment: computers, management software, etc.

② Entrance equipment: entrance communicator, barrier machine, RFID reader, etc.

③ Export equipment: export communicator, barrier machine, RFID reader, etc.

④ RFID tags: the same as the number of registered vehicles.

(3) Operating Instructions

When the vehicle passes through the entrance and exit, the RFID tag is activated and emits code information indicating the identity of the passing vehicle (such as license plate number, model category, vehicle color, license plate color, unit name and user name, etc.), and verify information. After confirming , control the movement of the barrier bar at the entrance and exit. and the in-out library reader-writer is processed and transmitted to the computer system for data management and archiving for query after receiving the signal. The RFID intelligent parking lot management system can realize the following operations.

① Realize the monitoring of all vehicles in the venue.

② Realize computer management of vehicle information.

③ In the case of unattended, the system automatically records the time of entering and exiting the vehicle and the license plate number.

④ Alarm for problematic vehicles.

⑤ Through the collection of portable readers, the status of the garage and the information of the vehicle parking spaces can be fully grasped.

⑥ Strengthen the control and management of vehicles that pay parking rental fees late.

(4) System advantages

① When entering and exiting, the vehicle can be recognized by long-distance induction card reading, no need to stop, efficient and fast

②The label has high anti-counterfeiting performance, durable and reliable

③Automatic management, scientific and efficient, civilized service.

④ Simplify the management procedures of vehicles entering and exiting, making them safe and reliable.

⑤The investment in system equipment is small, the construction period is short, and the effect is remarkable.

Post time: Apr-06-2023