Handheld ticketing PDA make ticket checking easier

Tourist attractions, amusement parks, theaters, concert and exhibitions, stadiums and other event venues have a large flow of people with a wide variety of tickets and complex ticket checking procedures. The traditional manual ticket checking method faces many challenges, and the intelligent ticketing PDA makes the ticket checking business simple and convenient.

The issues of traditional ticket management:

1. Manual ticket checking: The ticket checking efficiency is low, especially in the peak activities season, and the queue time is long, which can easily affect the customer experience and even cause safety hazards due to crowding.
2. Poor anti-counterfeiting performance: it is easy to print fake tickets, causing losses to the scenic spot;
3. Just few ticketing outlets: it is very inconvenient to buy tickets;
4. Manual inventory statistics: scenic ticketing relies on manual inventory statistics, which has a high error rate and poor timeliness;
5. Tickets cannot be reused, which will easily lead to littering of tickets and damage public environmental hygiene.

The handheld ticket checking device can add barcode, RFID and NFC identification and other functional modules and integrate with software systems according to the using needs, and take advantage of its functional advantages such as scanning identification, wireless network communication, data processing, etc., to quickly and accurately complete the ticket checking task, while saving labor costs.

android ticketing pda reader


Advantages of mobile smart ticketing PDA :
1. The staff can use the handheld ticketing device to scan the paper/electronic QR code/barcode tickets and IC cards and other tickets for verification. The system automatically records and checks the ticket information, which greatly improves the efficiency of ticket inspection and shortens the travel time of tourists.
2. code of tickets are unique, unmodifiable and unreproducible, thus completely solving the problem of ticket fraud.
3. The handheld ticketing PDA supports 3G, 4G, bluetooth, wifi, infrared communication and other modes, and the stable network environment ensures the smooth progress of ticketing checking. It can be used flexibly to meet the ticket checking needs of  scenic spots and various others activies.
4. Complete functions such as ticket sales, data statistics, information query, system management, etc.; the ticket checking data is synchronized with the background system in real time, and the information management of the scenic ticket checking data is realized.
5. mobile handheld devices, easy to take with and use, which can be flexibly deployed at any time according to the flow of people at each ticket gate.

Handheld-Wireless mobile ticketing PDAs  are equipped with android system and can be configured with IoT sensors: one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional code reader, NFC RFID reader, support IP65, 4G, Bluetooth, wifi, telephone communication, GMS, GPS , camera and other functions, and can accept customized services, which are widely used in logistics and warehousing management, retail management, admission ticket inspection and other industries!

Post time: Jul-21-2022