Auto tire RFID traceability management solution

https://www.uhfpda.com/news/auto-tire-rfid-traceability-management-solution/RFID”radio frequency identification technology” is a kind of automatic identification technology. It conducts non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, and uses radio frequency to read and write recording media (electronic tags or radio frequency cards), so as to achieve the purpose of identifying targets and exchanging data. Due to the uniqueness of the chip code of RFID electronic tag, if the RFID electronic tag is embedded in the green tire during the tire building process, and then sealed in the tire sidewall after vulcanization, which can strengthen product supply chain management and brand protection, avoid the problem of counterfeiting products, can realize the traceability of tire life course.

The RFID tire traceability management system is mainly composed of tire RFID tags, RFID reader device, data service centers, and application systems. Through the uhf RFID reader to read tag and complete data collection and writing; use the 4G network or WIFI of handheld terminal to realize real-time data transmission; the data service center saves business data, and the application system will complete the specific business operations.

The RFID management solution can directly run through the entire tire production, warehousing, sales, after-sales and recycling management, as follows

Production: UHF handheld terminal collects and records information on semi-finished tires in each process through reading and writing RFID electronic tags, and supports group reading function, which can collect a large amount of tire tag information at one time, and upload the data to management system through 4G or WIFI in real time, realizes the intelligent information collection and management of all tire production links, so as to formulate production plans and improve production quality and efficiency.

Warehousing: By scanning the tire label, the production date, batch number, model, manufacturer and other information of the tire can be quickly and accurately obtained, and realize warehousing, moving, inventory and other automated operations; according to the data collection results, enterprises can carry out comprehensive control and management of inventory to avoid overstocking and shortage of inventory tires, so as to reduce inventory, reduce capital occupation, and ensure smooth production and operation activities.

Sales: Use the ultra-high frequency function of the handheld data collector to read the tire RFID chip information to record the sales data, so that the tire sales data of different dealers and different regions can be recorded to effectively prevent the phenomenon of cross-area selling by dealer;

After-sales claims and Recycle: When a claim occurs, the RFID chip information of the claim tire can be read by a handheld gun, and the relevant logistics and production details can be quickly traced to provide a data basis for the claim. When the product information of the claim does not match the original information, it can be judged that the claim is not within the scope of normal claims, and the claims for counterfeit or retreaded tires can be effectively controlled to reduce corporate losses. At the same time, it is also convenient for enterprises to carry out recycling management for the broken tires.

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Post time: Nov-11-2022